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Defend the Darkroom

Aug 23, 2021

I think it’s common for most creatives to dream about the day when they garner recognition, find gallery representation and starting to get shown internationally. I don’t believe I ever have had a full understanding of what these things would (or could) mean to an art practise or how an art practise needs to be in constant motion to keep evolving and fresh.

Speaking with Deanna Pizzitelli was a real pleasure. Her experiences in starting as a photographic printer then evolved her practise to shooting and is now into the realm of education demonstrates how she is constantly striving to make her voice heard while challenge herself both aesthetically and intellectually. For me, this conversation really demonstrates the necessity of consistent dedication when building art practise and that mentorship and community are integral to being a success.

In my opinion, this conversation is a seminar about starting a career as a fine artist. It has given me so much inspiration and helped me gain some focus and direction for my own practise.  

I hope that you enjoy this conversation.